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Angus Robertson(イギリス)

It is nice to be back at IDEAL and to see the students again, both old and new. This is part 2 for me living in Sapporo with my family and we have settled back into the Hokkaido life again after time in England.
I look forward to seeing and teaching you again and seeing your English progress. English has never been more important than now so your motivation should be sky high!

Mari Kawai(日本)

Hi, my name is Mari.
I'm from Sapporo. I love travelling.
I have been to many countries and am always interested in foreign cultures. 
English helps you communicate with many many people from different countries, and it's fun! Let's study together.

Milaine Lamy(イギリス)

Hello my name is Milaine and I am from London. I have taught English in Japan and England for many years. Learning a language is not only words, but it opens a whole new world to both the learner and the teacher.  Let’s enjoy speaking English together at IDEAL.

Richard Mac Polin(アイルランド)

Hi there, my name's Richard, I'm from Dublin, in Ireland. My country is well known for its rolling green hills and valleys, as well as the world famous "black stuff", a stout porter drink, do you know it? Now, I live in Sapporo, near Jozankei, with my family and I love growing my vegetables and hiking/snowboarding in the mountains.  I have traveled to most countries in (Old) Europe, Morocco, Thailand, New Zealand, lived in some of them and a few places in Japan too. I'm looking forward to meeting you and hope you have a lot of questions. Richa.

Cambaza Edgar Manuel(モザンビーク)

Hello! My name is Edgar but you can call me Edy. I am from Mozambique and I work as a lecturer in my country. English was the driving force connecting me to friends worldwide and travel to fantastic places. Most importantly, English opened doors to work in great places such as IDEAL school.
Join us and share this unique learning experience.
Best wishes.

Rachel Shaline Khan(トリニダード&トバーゴ)

Hello, my name is Rachel. I come from the Caribbean island called Trinidad and Tobago. I'm used to a tropical climate so Japan's weather is very different for me. However, Sapporo is such a beautiful city, and I've enjoyed experiencing the changing seasons. I look forward to teaching English. Everyone, let's have fun learning!

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